Sunday, January 10, 2016

Scheme cheat sheets

I made up some cheat sheets for casing that will go on the desk at the case to find those really hard to find addresses that the side cheat sheets don't help with.  It's for those pieces of mail that you just CAN'T find.  I used my original scheme sheet to help me make the notes..... I labeled each case A, B, C, D so you know which case it's on, then the number of the row, and R,C, or L is the position on that row, right, center or left. 

Then I went to Excel in the computer and put in the information.  I gave that file to my supervisor and he cleaned it up for me a bit, formatted it some.  I wound up using that to make notes for another project....I still have some things to add to this one, so I'll post updated pics when I get it reprinted.

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